Monday, January 16, 2012

Lucie Rose update 3

 Lucie Rose
12" x 24"
oil, stretched canvas

I've rearranged this painting a few times and still am not quite sure if this will be the final composition or not. I removed the quay the boat was tied t as it just didn't seem to do a lot for the painting.  I don't know if it leaves the boat looking a bit isolated now or not.

I'm still working on the shape of the bow which I think is just about there, give or take a tweak.  Now I need to wait for it to dry for a few days before adding the next layers of paint.


Sue Pownall said...

I think you were right to remove the dock, seems a better composition to me now. I love how you get the reflections on the water, seems to glow with reflected light.

Jeanette said...

I just need to figure out the water now. There's a reflection of a large boat behind this one. I'm trying to figure out if I should leave it it remove it. Decisions, decision.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i think removing the quay was a good idea, works better without it. looks more like a little lonely boat now