Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pond Study

There are a few small ponds in and near my property, some only inches deep, some more substantial.  Late afternoon with a thin ice just forming on the water's surface and the light catching the bracken, making it glow with warmth. 

This is a watercolour study for a future piece on ponds, about 11 x 14.  The shapes of undergrowth around water falls back a bit in winter, giving a better look at the form.  I love how the initial skim of ice affects reflections, clouding and diffusing them.  I initially wanted t use the surface of the pond as a frost piece, freezing the watercolour itself before adding the remaining elements.  However, the weather conditions weren't perfect so I had to make do with observation, sketches, photos and cold hands.

There is so much to explore and capture.  Will I ever have enough time to do so?


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I like the reflection you've captured here on paper. I don't think I'd have a clue how to go about such a task. You did a great job with the coolness and warmth in your study.

Jeanette said...

Nancy, you're more than capable of tackling anything you set your mind to. Its all just light and dark isn't it? :)