Monday, March 19, 2012

Aquatic trio

I finally painted the third in this aquatic trio, a mussel shell.  I'd had a mussel shell that was perfect, put it somewhere for safe keeping and, of course, couldn't find it again.  So a local restaurant, unknown to them, provided the prop.  I may put a few more touches to the mussel, that mother of pearl inside shell is difficult to reproduce well and more difficult to reproduce in a photograph of a painting.

These are tiny (for me) 3" x 5" oil paintings on panels.  I will have them framed together if possible as they seem to be heading that way.  Its tempting to do a few more small pieces in a similar vein, but the best laid plans and all that...

This cold is wiping me and some OTC drugs are keeping me going during the day that at least take the edge off the worst of it so I can work and paint. Wouldn't we all be a miserable bunch if we couldn't rely on some temporary relief from discomfort?  I musn't complain (yes I know I already did) as others have a much worse lot in life. 


Katherine Thomas said...

Very pretty! This will make a beautiful grouping on the wall. Did you mean you will frame them together in one frame? Or in 3 matching frames? Either way would be pretty, I'm just curious.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Katherine. I'm thinking all in one frame, sort of floating. I'll see what the frame shop can offer me.