Thursday, March 22, 2012

From the archives

So I'm digging through the archives to find a little treat as I haven't much new and wonderful to show you right now.  I came across photo of one of the Embden geese having a bath in a puddle in early spring.  With still snow on the ground you'd think the water would be too icy for bathing, but they never seemed to care, treating any bit of water like their own personal pond.  Even though the geese and I weren't the best of friends, I loved the look of them and their grace of movement.

I've been run over by a steamroller this week.  The cold from hell has captured me at gunpoint and won't let me go.  Ok, enough dramatics, suffice to say, I feel blah, but today is the first day I've had a glimmer of hope and not felt like curling up on the office floor at work with the heat on full blast. 

Why I am at working if I'm sick, you ask?  Well, welcome to the world of non-profits where nothing is average and everything is different. I truely can't remember the last time I had a sick day.  They're more a luxury than a norm and usually involve hospital or doctor visits.

So not much has been done with art this week.  I've pushed a little paint around halfheartedly then stopped again. But I have been reading and looking at other art sites and considering ideas for new pieces, one of which I'm starting tonight. 

My treat of tubes of new handmade paints arrived this week and only tonight have I squeezed some out and found a new colour to fall in love with.  Isoindolinone Yellow - I can't even pronounce it! But it is beautiful.  A true golden yellow, strong, but transparent.  Its like orange juice married a lemon and they had butter children. Ok, ok, blame it on the cold meds.  But this colour is heavenly.  You HAVE to try it.


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jeanette,
Sorry to learn of your illness, but I must say your story of the new yellow color still has me smiling. Maybe whenever you're down and out with any of the minor maladies you should consider writing!
Get well quickly as we're all eager to see what's next on your easel.

Sue Pownall said...

"Its like orange juice married a lemon and they had butter children." Fabulous description! Can't wait to see it in a painting of yours. I foretell a move away from the blue period into an era of yellow.

Get well soon. Take a bed day if you have to. Sometimes 1 day's proper rest is equal to 5 struggling on.

Jeanette said...

I'm on the mend Gary and glad of it. Minor illness saps inspiration and ability to create. Glad my description of the colour made you smile. It really is a great colour.

Sue, thanks. I think blue will always be in my palette, but this yellow is delicious and may well find its way in there too.

The weekend is coming and I'll get a chance to rest then with no commitments to do anything other than general chores etc.