Saturday, March 31, 2012


6" x 12"
 oil on stretched canvas

Remember the little boat I was having problems with a few weeks ago?   Giving my arm a rest from the large painting I'm working on, I pulled this one out and figured I'd tackle it with a palette knife.

I really do love the feel of paint using a palette knife, its very different than brush feel of paint and results are strong and direct and can be put down quickly without quite as much of the thought process as there is in a more detailed painting.

This is painted in oils 6" x 12" on a stretched canvas.  Its a new brand of canvas, made in Canada and the quality seems very good.  I'm testing out a few new supports over time and while they can be similar in many ways, some surface just seem to accept paint more easily and smoothly than others.


Sue Pownall said...

Now it reminds me of a misty morning.

Jeanette said...

Yes, it does have that cool early morning look to it. There's a mist/fog that is present at that time of day that envelops everything and you see things in isolation.

Lydie said...

Beautiful, I love your use of the palette knife.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Lydie, I enjoyed painting it. There's something quite satisfying about applying paint this way.

Celeste Bergin said...

Beautiful painting .......I like it a lot! excellent shapes

Jeanette said...

Thanks Celeste. It took me awhile to beat it into submission but finally it happened. :)