Monday, April 23, 2012

Green water

I seem to be all over the map in terms of painting lately.  My mind won't settle into one track and stay there.  As soon as I get a piece started, another idea kicks in and sends me off in a different direction.  Maybe it is the season that does it, stirring up ideas and growth after a long winter.

Yesterday I started a couple of paintings and ended up wiping both of them then reverted to my old standby of water.  Each wave is similar but different.  Light changes, shapes change, and capturing all the elements becomes a challenge.

The initial stages of blocking in shape and colour lets some of the undercoat peek through.

This is the current stage of the painting I'm working on.  Its 6 x 12 in oil.  The wiped surface was a very dark greenish orange and it gives the painting a somber light.  While I work on the mid-range values, the light will become stronger until I can reach the point of pure highlights to help bring it to life.

And of course there is another painting on another easel as I work on this; more sketches and thumbnails of ideas and the urge to do a large, detailed drawing is in my head too.  Yes, it must be spring.


Christiane Kingsley said...

Your painting is showing very nice light and movement already.
Don't you wish we could have more than 24 hours a day ( and the energy to go with a longer day:-). I paint all night in my mind and in my dreams...during the day, I can get only do about 1% of what I dreamt:-( At least, there is no danger for us to get bored!

Jeanette said...

Oh I wish I could stretch out the hours in a day. So much to do and often little accomplished from original plans.