Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Specimen 18437

Because capelin sexes have different shapes, they are often posed together classically for comparison.   I came across a 1948 black and white image showing a similar pose and its sparked off ideas for a whole series of capelin paintings.

Now I know looking at fish is not everyone's idea of pretty pictures, but if you're looking for flowers, you're in the wrong blog.  I always seem to root for the underdogs of the world.  Stray animals, the mangy dog at the pound, some half dead cat who turns up on the doorstep and all those creatures that people look at and say 'ewwwwwww'.  Fish being one of them.

Like most things, the more you examine something, the more intriguing it becomes. You see all kinds of shapes and colours that you wouldn't have seen at a cursory glance.  This is how I feel about fish.  They are quite remarkable creatures with an amazing ability to live underwater.  Just think about it!  What a world they must see!

For this painting I started out shapes with a brush then switched to a palette knife to complete the pair. Meet Specimen 18437.  In oil on canvas panel and 7 x 9, I think.  Its on an old unmarked canvas and I'm too lazy to find the measuring tape.

The male is on the top, the female on the bottom.


Rose Welty said...

I do not concede that you can't do flowers, because I know you can. But, I do love your fish - you are investigating them in many mediums and perspectives, it is fun to see what you've done next - thanks for sharing with us.

And we all love the crazy 3 legged cat. :-)

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I'm with you ... I love the very things you describe as 'ewwwwwww to some people. I'm not one of them. I have always loved fish. I've painted a lot of trout. Your capelin are beautiful . I'd never heard of them before I started reading your blog and I guess thats because they are not normally on the west coast (?) but I love how you paint them. Great idea to paint them with the brush then touch them off with the palette knife. They turned out beautiful.

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the support Rose. I can't resist fish and water it seems. If I have time this weekend I may tackle those tulips.

I guess nothing is disgusting when examined closely is it Nancy? Years ago I did a year of anatomy and thought it would freak me out, but it was fascinating. Exploration and discovery takes away the fear.

The combination of brush and knife seemed to work for these I think.

Jeanette said...

Nancy I meant to say that capelin are close cousins to smelt which you may be more familiar with perhaps on the west coast?