Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tapper's Cove in progress

There is a little cove not far from where I live that is reached only by a very narrow, steep road and open only in summer.  A few fishing and pleasure craft are moored there in the warmer months, a far cry from years ago when it once was a hub of fishing industry.

Last summer, I drove down and took a few photos of some of the small vessels moored at the wharf.  Glimpses of fish heads and entrails signaled the recreational cod fishery and the sunlight shimmered on the water where I could see thousands of tiny fish fry swimming in the clear green water.  The green was what enticed me.  Water on a sunny day is usually so blue, but this was emerald green in places with the pale rocks beneath the surface appearing to be glowing turquoise.

So after a week away on business, I return.  Sick, as I always seem to be when I travel.  The bugs and viruses sit in wait for me at airports and on planes I am sure.  But this painting makes me forget that and remember that summer day last year when the water was clear. the sun warm and the boats sitting waiting by the wharf in Tapper's Cove.

This is 10 x 20 on stretched canvas in oil.  I've begun to block in colour and shape and then the refining begins to bring it to life.

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