Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tapper's Cove update

It seems that nearly every time I travel, I get sick.  This is no exception and in addition to allergic reaction to some shellfish, I have the mother of all colds that is wiping me out, so not a lot of art is getting done.

Dosed on medication, I came to the studio tonight to add a little more to the painting of Tapper's Cove.  The colours aren't right, even with tweaking and lighting the image causes glare from the wet paint.  however, colour is blocked in and now I'll begin to pull some detail out of it.

The light is unusual in this piece, coming from behind the boat and wharf, casting a heavy shadow over the structure and water.  Even in the heavy shadow there is still a lot of detail, but in muted colours that makes the eye strain to pick it out.  I love those areas of a painting, the mystery corners that pull you in and make you study it more.

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Hedera said...

Jeanette, this is lovely - beautifully balanced and atmospheric. :)