Monday, July 23, 2012


Its been warm for the last few weeks which is a blessing after the abysmal summer we had last year.  I know heat here is probably cool to many who live further south and are experiencing heat waves with temperatures over 100 degrees.  Here the temperatures are moderate, usually not getting up to more than low 80s at most.  The benefit and curse of living on an island.

And of course its all relative to what you're used to.

Sunday afternoon was hot in sun and in the shade beautifully cool.  27.8C = 82.4F  For me, a fabulous temperature to retreat to the gazebo or the shade of the trees in the garden.  This is the view looking towards the meadow at the back of the house.  The sun later in the afternoon was brilliant, bleaching out colour in contrast to the shade of the trees.

10" x 10" on canvas panel in oils.

And, I've noted that for some peculiar reason, all the content from the Followers gadget on this blog has disappeared.  Poof!  The piece is still there, but no names and I'm not sure why.  I shall have to investigate further. Hmmm...


Katherine Thomas said...

This is beautiful! Funny to hear you talk about island life, and the fact that it, too, has it's downside. I've been thinking a lot about locations, after helping my daughter move to Arizona, and son now moving to California, and me here in cold, snowy Ohio. But I'm realizing that there is no absolutely perfect location, is there? (Your island life sounds pretty nice right now, though!)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the temperature here on a good day usually doesn't get any higher than 20C, and higher than that is too hot for me :p but i could deal with out all the rain :p

very nice impression look to the painting, nice dappled light :)

Jeanette said...

You're right Katherine, everywhere has its good and bad points, no matter where in the world. And we always think the grass is greener somewhere else. Til we get there. :)

Yeah, its been a bad season for rain in the UK and Scotland this summer. We had that here last year, it was miserable. I hope it improves for you soon Jen.