Sunday, July 22, 2012


The poor capelin is often relegated to being a bait fish and there always seems to be something much larger chasing it besides humans.   Cod feast on capelin and humpback whales rise up from the deep waters, capelin jumping out of their open mouths as they breach.

I have a fondness for the underdog in most species, and the capelin is my favourite fish.  I don't eat them bacause I find the flavour a bit strong, but I do love to paint them.

This is the completed piece that I experimented with using silver and gold leaf.  I added oil glazes over the leaf to tone down the shine which was like looking in a mirror.  Now the silver and gold metals shine through the glazes and give a different appearance depending on the angle its viewed.

This piece is 8 x 16 on canvas panel.


Billie Crain said...

Really stunning, Jeanette. Love that gold and silver gilding.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Billie. The metal leaf is quite an interesting addition. I will try this again with some real silver and gold leaf. Just finding the right image is the challenge.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the glazes worked well, the shine still shows through but its not distracting as it might be oncovered