Sunday, August 26, 2012

Empty Bed Blues

Painting drapery well, whether it is bed sheets, clothing or curtains relies on two elements; accurate drawing and good value control. Without these, the painting becomes an exercise in frustration.  This is one of those times when rushing in without a plan seldom works. A detailed drawing on toned canvas was done on Friday night, ready to start work on this weekend.

Drapery always looks intimidating and complex and many people steer away from it, but like most things, if broken down into individual sections,  and with a value map to guide me, it becomes much more manageable. 

This painting is 12" x 12" oil on stretched canvas.  Its at the stage where I have the shapes and values in, now its time to add more detail and make adjustments to bring it to completion.   I had titled the painting Empty Bed Blues, then realized there was an 1928 song from Bessie Smith called the same. Does that mean I need to change the title?


Katherine Thomas said...

I love this! The composition and flow of the piece are wonderful! I like to draw/paint fabric too, especially whites. That's funny about the title, no I wouldn't change it at all! The same thing happens to me sometimes, it seems like every expression has already been the title of something somewhere!

RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful work! Don't change the title - it gives it even more depth for those who might relate the title to the song :)

Jeanette said...

Thanks Katherine. There's something satisfying about drawing folds isn't there?

Glad you like it Rhonda and yeah, I'll keep the name, it sort of fits with the song too I think.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

great job with the folds :D I like drawing fabric, just don't do it enough, lazy i guess :p

the title goes great with the painting :D

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...
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renate said...

Hello Jeanette:) I always make the beds direkt neatly, so I have no folds to paint. But now I even change that. Hurray, a good excuse for not make the beds neatly anymore:) Your painting is great, a piece of Timber framing. My compliments!

Jeanette said...

Hi Renate, oh yes, nothing like a messy bed to inspire a painting! :)

With the right light, fabric does have a lot of appeal.

I'm glad you like it, thanks.

Sue Pownall said...

Great painting Jeanette.

I love drawing material - I wonder if it's the influence of national dress here in the Gulf and need to draw so many folds :)

Jeanette said...

Thanks Sue.

I like the challenge of drawing fabric and yes all those robes in the Gulf provide lots of inspiration for you!