Thursday, August 23, 2012


Texture is addictive and so full of possibility.  One cannot help but adore it.

I'm still working on tissue and gesso with watercolour washes and am preparing a snapshot of different pastes and gels and how they behave for an upcoming workshop.  I splurged today and ordered some more to add to some of the basic ones I already have and look forward to seeing what I can produce with them.

This is a piece called 'Laundry Day'.  I love the look of an unmade bed, all those wrinkles, dark corners and mounds.  Making a bed, well that's another story, one of those chores that have to be done without a lot of thinking.

I have a painting in mind for an unmade bed and need just the right light to make it happen, hopefully this weekend.


Billie Crain said...

Don't you just love working on a textured surface? Pieces practically paint themselves.

Lindsay said...

I love these new pieces you are working on....such a rich surface