Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cup o’ Joe

Seagull 1 sm

A couple of years ago, several dozen seagulls in St. John’s met their untimely end due to ingestion of coffee grounds.  Seagulls seem to populate every part of town and are voracious eaters, tackling any garbage bag they see and I imagine there are coffee grounds in many bags, especially if they find one from a local coffee shop.

The expression on this bird seems a little surprised. Its that wide-eyed look, a little frantic and undertone of calm supporting it, verging on the edge of wanting to go back for more, but feeling that he shouldn’t.

I love gulls, crazy, pugnacious and greedy as they are.  Drawing this one was very enjoyable.  This is day seven of my March Sketch a Day project.   Each day sharing a sketch with you on a blog page devoted to just that.  You can take part too and add your sketch during March.  Doesn't matter if its each day or only one, its all about the drawing practice!

Talking about aggressive, take a minute to watch the video below of a very bold seagull who swiped a woman’s camera in San Francisco while she was filming the sunset.

The camera was still filming and the gull eventually relinquished it in another spot after determining it wasn’t edible.  The gull-eye view footage, including the thief’s getaway, was included.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

that video is pretty neat, and just goes to show they will take anything if it might be food :p

very nice hatching on the gull :)

RH Carpenter said...

Very nice work on the gull!

Rose Welty said...

I know it's just for March. But it's nice to have you and your perspective back in my reading on a more frequent basis. I've missed you and your blog Jeanette.

Jeanette said...

Isn't it something Jen? Gulls really are bold and greedy, so hang on to your camera! :)

Thanks Rhonda, they're fun to draw.

Rose, I've missed the regular posting too and will see after this March marathon is over if I can keep up the momentum. Its good to have the connection.

Sue Clinker said...

Incredible footage from the stolen camera!
I enjoy watching the local gulls. They have an amazing sense of humour. The line up on a neighbours roof and have very noisy 'conversations' with each other - shrieking and cackling with laughter!

They raid any cat food left in the hedgehog feeders. The feeders are protected under plastic boxes so we often get woken up by the sound of frustrated gulls beaks pecking at the plastic containers ... that's not so funny!

and you've captured the gull's expression beautifully

Sue Pownall said...

heeheehee loved that video. Gulls are funny aren't they.

Great drawing, you've captured the attitude well!