Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Constructing a shell - slideshows

UPDATE: I removed the sound file from this slideshow.  It was making me crazy and I presumed it was doing the same to you. Seemed like a good idea at the time...brain fart. Sorry :)

I have embarked on a series of workshops that I am offering from my home studio and the interest level in these classes is beyond my expectations, especially for the Introduction to Drawing Workshop series.   The first two workshops are filled and the last available one for 2013 begins on December 7th.  The painting workshops are rapidly filling and I know people often wait til the last minute to register for something that's a couple of months into the future.  However, there's just one spot left in the Painting Realistic Water.  This workshop was originally planned as an online workshop and I still hope to offer it that way.  The preparation of video and demo pieces is very time consuming but I promise you'll be the first to know when I have it available!

I love to see that desire to learn to draw.  For me, of course, its a no brainer.  To do any kind of art well I firmly believe that you need to have a good grounding in drawing.  Often people jump in to painting without the security of the structure that only a good drawing can provide, to find they need to make endless corrections and become frustrated with the whole process.

It seems there is an eager group of people anxious to learn the tricks of the trade and I'm happy to share my information with them.  There is no feeling better than seeing someone succeed and being there when the lightbulb goes on over their head as they realize its really all down to technique and practice, not talent.  Yes, of course, an interest needs to be present, but there is no smoke and mirrors, no magic.  Its a learned skill, no different than driving a car or playing the piano.  However, art is looked on as a "gift" or "talent", but people would never place skills such as driving or playing a musical instrument in the same magical category.

If you want to learn just how easy it is to draw,  register for the next Introduction to Drawing workshop, or maybe you want to learn more about painting. I can help you there too. You can register for available workshops through my website.  Dates for 2014 workshops will be posted in late December.

I put together this little slideshow of a drawing of a shell as an example.  Its a simple shape but complex too. It uses traditional drawing techniques including observing shapes, contour drawing and measurement of points to ensure accuracy.


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jeanette,
Guess who! What an attention-grabbing advert. I watched it twice and will a third time with sound.
I wish you lots of success with the workshops, but it sounds like you are already there! :)
Congratulations and let me be the first to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.


hi jeanette ...wishing you every success with your drawing workshops ..your new studio must be full ! hope the on-line course is up and running soon ... and initiatives "lets do lunch sounds" great idea too you have so much to share....have a good w-e