Saturday, August 31, 2013

Let's Do Lunch!

Let’s Do Lunch!

 Lunch and Learn – mini art consultations

I firmly believe that part of the artist code of ethics should be one of  sharing knowledge. There are a lot of questions out there and I get asked quite a  few, some technical, some about marketing, some regarding the business of art.

 The "advice over lunch" concept is one that I use frequently in my business  and wanted to extend that opportunity to artists, but online instead  of  in person.  In a busy world, one on one conversations are the best way  of transferring information.

If you have an art technique that’s frustrating you, a painting or drawing that needs a constructive critique, are looking for answers to art business or marketing questions or don’t know where to start in developing your artist statement or bio, then let's do lunch!

When I officially launch this art consultancy program on September 15th, I will offer these
mini consultations for $19, the price of lunch. The introduction to this email service is just $10.00 until September 15, 2013!  Charges for Skype consultations are not reduced during this period.

How do we connect?  
Email me with a description of your art issue to  I will respond by email to confirm whether I am able to help you.  If  I am, you will be provided with a PayPal invoice and on receipt of payment I will email you with a comprehensive answer within 24 hours. (If there is a deluge of responses to this offer, response time may be longer than 24 hours and I will tell you at the time of your request what the expected response time will be).

If your question  is complex and needs additional time to provide appropriate assistance, there will be an additional $19 charge required.  I will inform you of the cost and provide you with the option to decline or proceed with the additional charge prior to invoicing you.

If you would prefer to talk one on one, there is an option for a 15 minute ($30) or 30 minute ($75) Skype consultation.  If you would like to book a consultation on Skype, please request this in your email and I will confirm a mutually convenient time and date for this service in my response to you.

So buy me lunch and let me help you solve your art problems!

Areas that I can assist you with
  • Explanations of technical painting and drawing techniques
  • Constructive critiques of paintings or drawings
  • Templates for artist statements, biographies and art resumes
  • Ideas for marketing your art and increasing your visibility
  • Art blog or website analysis and recommendations
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