Monday, September 02, 2013

Manuels River

Manuels River
11 x 14"  oil on panel
Available  from my website

I love walking the trail along Manuels River when I'm in the area.  Its a long fast moving river that works its way over a rocky trail of large and small boulders left by glaciers millions of years ago.  The rocks in the Manuels River are estimated at 500 to 600 million years old. The rock formations are quite interesting and the river is very shallow in places with deeper pools and a prolific area in places for fossil discovery.

A new interpretation centre opened just this summer which gives a broader history of the area and the geological features of Manuels River.

Inspired by the river and its ancient rocks, this painting was completed this weekend.  Its 11 x 14 in oil on a gessoed masonite panel.  I use a small pile fabric roller to apply gesso to the panels and quite like the slight tooth it provides to the surface.  The panels are also significantly less expensive than canvasses or canvas panels.  It takes a little prep time, but I usually gesso a number of panels at the same time with a couple of coats and let them dry overnight.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very nice texture to the rocks :)

i prefer working on masonite boards, but its actually cheaper for me to use canvas, so cheaper wins :p

Jeanette Jobson said...

Rocks are very interesting to paint and I haven't done enough of them. Considering I live on a giant rock, I should get cracking right?

For me masonite is MUCH cheaper than canvas and I like the firm surface, but switch back and forth.

Sue Pownall said...

I've missed your rock pics. This one is great. I especially like the change in contrasts between the two pools.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Rocks really are interesting to paint, all those planes and subtle changes in colour. And yes, its a real yin/yang thing going on with the water with those large boulders becoming the breakwater.