Saturday, August 23, 2014

Recycling supports

 As much as we would all like, not every painting turns out as we anticipated.  Mine get put into cupboard, tubs or on shelves to be pulled out weeks sometimes even years later for review.  Some are worked on more, some torn up or trashed and then there are some that I paint over.

I had this image of bleeding hearts that always appealed to me.  I had several of these plants in the garden and always loved the old fashioned heart shaped flowers that bloomed reliably year after year.  I was looking for a rectangular panel and had nothing new in the size I wanted.  I rummaged around and found an old painting that never quite worked and decided it would fit the bill.  Its a 10" x 20" canvas panel so fit the composition nicely.

I'm no purist. I don't sand and gesso and sand and gesso an old piece before painting over it.  I jump straight in.  The rule is that it must be the same medium on the old piece as what I am using.  Other than that, there are no rules.  And as I'm using a palette knife, any texture on the original painting doesn't affect the new layer.

So stay tuned for the finished painting.  And yes, it is flowers.  I know.  I must have hit my head somewhere...


Marguerite said...

Can't wait to see what you make of this.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

flowers?? from you?? you feeling ok? ;)

I will paint over old canvases but if I mess up a printing plate, thats usually it, the lines are too deep to use a plate for something else.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Its done Marguerite. Now back to the boat!

heheh, I know, nuts isn't it? Flowers from me. Yes, a printing plate is never forgiving is it? There's a lot more thinking involved in etching than in painting, but the final result is so beautiful in etchings.

Nancy Goldman said...

What a great idea, and the finished painting turned out great. I have a lot of canvases that could use this treatment. : )