Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Draw 5

Anyone who knows me, knows that I constantly reinforce the need for artists to have good drawing skills.  Often people want to jump right into painting without that rudimentary framework to guide a piece.  While not all paintings need a very detailed drawing, there are few that don't benefit from it.

Time is always a factor for people, especially in today's society where busyness is the order of the day.  Its almost as if people try to 'out boast' each other as to how busy they are and how many things they can juggle in the course of a day.  So drawing gets dumped into the "I'm too busy" category and becomes neglected.

To show you that it doesn't take a huge investment in time to hone drawing skills, I'm creating a series called Draw 5.  This shows how much you can actually put down on paper in just five minutes a day..  And you know you have five minutes a day somewhere in those 24 hours, don't you?  Add those captured minutes over a week, expand on them when you can and you'll see a difference in your drawing skills, I promise.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

This is a good idea, and does show people it is possible to draw something in a few minutes :) Using charcoal helps a lot ot get the values as well

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks Jen. Charcoal is lovely to use.