Saturday, June 20, 2015

Flatrock Harbour

I tested some of my handmade charcoal for the underdrawing of a new painting. These are some small boats tied up to the wharf in Flatrock Harbour, in the town where I live.  Flatrock is tiny, with about 1400 people and rural.  Its on the coast as much of populated areas of the province are with a small fishing community, but most activity around the recreational fishery in July and August.

The charcoal that has been produced is what I'd call soft, meaning it gives a dark, rich mark.  Its very smooth to work with and to blend.  After the underdrawing, I sprayed it with fixative to prevent the drawing smearing and mixing with paint as I applied it.

I've blocked in colour for the background of the wharf and boats and will refine detail as I proceed.  I build layers of paint with a palette knife, which is my usual painting tool, the same way as I would with a brush.  The initial layers are thin as I establish colour and placement then I increase paint amounts to the final textured painting.

The palette is fairly subdued in the shadows of the wharf and boats with light hitting the ends of the flats (boats).  The foreground of the water is much brighter and will provide the visual interest with the subtle colour and value changes that I love to paint.  The painting is on a 15" x 30" canvas panel.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

nice start :) very nice colour choices

Jeanette Jobson said...

I like the subtle greys/blues of the background in this piece. It gets brighter in the foreground to compensate.