Thursday, June 18, 2015

After the exhibition

I'm drifting down after the flurry of the last week with the solo exhibit opening last Friday night and the artist talk on Saturday.  Both were well attended and it was good to meet old friends and make some new ones.  Here's a look at some of the fifteen paintings that were hung at Peter Lewis Gallery for the exhibition.  You can see images of each individual painting on my website on the Wooden Boat page under What's New.

All the pieces are in oil and measure 30" x 40".  I think I'm going to paint in miniature after this!  The exhibition runs until June 26th if you have a chance to drop in and see it.

I produced a book to accompany the series that I distributed at the artist talk.  I've made the book and my presentation available as a download from my website if you'd like to read them.

Artist Talk, June 13, 2015
I've been drifting a bit in terms of starting new work and I think that's pretty normal after producing a series of work, exhibiting, etc.  I've freed up my summer (or tried to) until workshops resume again in the fall.  But I do have a couple of commitments.  I'll be teaching gyotaku (Japanese fish printing) workshops at The Glass Station in Rocky Harbour in Gros Morne on the west coast of the province in late July/early August.  Gros Morne is full of spectacular scenery and I can't wait to fill up on some new ideas for paintings while I'm there.

Tethered  16 x 20 oil
 On July 18th from1 - 4 pm, I'll be doing a boat painting demo at the Wooden Boat Museum in Winterton.  I did this last year and had a great time meeting and talking with people coming through the museum.  Now I need to decide what to paint while I'm there!


shevaun said...

Congratulations! Your work looks fantastic against the terracotta walls! I'm looking forward to seeing those miniatures now (wink)! Enjoy the summer of play!

Billie Crain said...

Thank you for the pictorial tour of your exhibit. I really wanted to see all the boat paintings hung together and you certainly didn't disappoint. They look incredible. Wow!

RH Carpenter said...

Oh, Jeanette, the show is gorgeous! So many outstanding pieces and I like they way they are hung around. My absolute favorite is the single white boat in the muted colors with just a touch of red...there is something so simple and so beautiful about that one...makes me want to drift away in that painting! Congratulations and here's hoping for some good sales (and a bit of a rest for you).

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Glad things went well :) and looks like a good place to hold an exhibit, the boats look great hung up :)

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks Shevaun. The gallery is a lovely place to exhibit. Its a heritage house in downtown St. John's that was converted to a gallery. Smaller, but beautiful. Ha, yes those miniatures are tempting!

Glad you liked the mini tour Billie. I tried to get a video tour but of course technology and me...what can I say. I liked seeing them hung all together and lit well. It makes a big difference.

Rhonda, thank you. Yes, the gallery curated the show well. That single boat (a rodney) you liked is called Green's Harbour, where it was found and is 71 years old and still on the water. I actually met the gentleman who built the boat while I was there.

Jen, it is a great spot and means you don't need as many people to turn up to look like a huge crowd! :) It was pretty busy for awhile at the opening with lots of people and conversation and wine. Good fun.