Monday, December 21, 2015

Night Anchor

 Night Anchor - SOLD
12" x 16"  oil on canvas

This is the latest painting off the easel.  Its a smaller piece 12" x 16" which is a good size that doesn't take too long to paint or cause too much stress in process - usually.

Its funny as whatever size I paint, invariably someone wants the opposite in size.  If I paint large, they want small, if I paint small they need large.  So I continue to create a mix of sizes that meet a variety of likes.  Painting a variety of sizes keeps the process interesting for me, allowing different compositions and less intense painting time.

I liked the time of day for this painting.  Twilight is truly the magic hour for artists where colours start to fade and the sun creates warmth on subjects that it hits as its sets.   I still have a need to create some night paintings, hopefully next year.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Reawlly like the lighting on this :D the colours are gorgeous

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks Jen. I'm gearing myself up to tackle some nocturnal paintings in the future. Trust me to want to do it in winter! hah

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

keep warm if you are going to go out and get photos, or paint on the spot. Don't want you freezing :) should make for some interesting paintings :)

Christiane Kingsley said...

I love the textures and the colours! Beautifully done...whatever the size is:-)

Jeanette Jobson said...

I retreat to the car and paint if its too cold Jen and will take some photos as the light that time of day is so fleeting. Its part reality and part memory at that stage.

Christiane, thank you. I like the combination of subdued and bright colours this presented. It took a little convincing to make the painting work, as it can with some pieces.