Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Oil sketching on kraft paper

I love persimmons.

Their colour, form and of course taste, are wonderful.  Not being native to Newfoundland, they are a treat that I occasionally find and the need to paint them always takes priority over eating.

I've been trying heavy kraft packaging paper for drawing and painting and find it works beautifully for oil sketches, with no seepage of oil or buckling.  Now I'm no purist for supports when it comes to drawing or painting. I'll use whatever comes to hand to capture my idea.  If my support is a disaster or success, its all part of the learning process.

Sometimes its the journey that teaches you a lot about the destination.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I've never actually had one, don't think I've actually seen on on the hops, will have to keep my eye out next time

for sketches or test work, I dont care really what surface I use, its just for practice. and sometimes the test pieces turn out better than the proper ones for me. prob due to lack of pressure to make things perfect

Jeanette Jobson said...

The taste to me is like a cross between a mango and a peach, and very sweet. They're delicious. I find mine at Costco certain times of the year and grab them when I can.

That's true, sketches for ideas or concepts have no pressure attached to them, so you can have less of a sense of making it appear a certain way.