Monday, April 24, 2006

Cream teas

This image reminds me of cream teas that I indulged in while living in Somerset. A friend's parents ran a dairy farm and offered the biggest cream teas you could possibly imagine. Nearly everything was made with ingredients grown on their farm. Lucious pale clotted cream that had a texture of soft butter; rich red strawberries glistening and sweet or homemade strawberry jam if the berries were out of season; light, flaky scones still warm from the oven, followed with lashings of steaming hot tea, dainty sandwiches and lots of conversation, all taken in the confines of their enclosed flower garden.

It always seemed a little amusing as these people were quite large and robust and they would also serve as well as make the cream teas, balancing china cups on trays filled with food, they would come and stand next to you while you ate and drank. Mostly it was general conversation as we knew them fairly well by then, but often they would simply stand or sit there, beaming, pleased to see people eating, drinking and enjoying their labours.

I miss them. And I miss their cream teas. This sketch was done in my Moleskine with pen & ink and watercolour.

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Becky said...

Beautiful. Just lovely, your drawing.

purplecupcake said...

My first thought was 'Strawberry Shortcakes!'
It's wonderful and just made me gain a few pounds by looking at it..LOL

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thank you ladies, for your kind words.

Linda said...

Jeanette -- I thought I'd already commented on how much I have enjoyed browsing your blog after seeing it featured on Moleskinerie, but it looks like I haven't! (Maybe blogger was being boggy or something -- ;-) Anyway, I really have enjoyed all of your drawings -- you have a wonderful way with line and color! I'm curious about the Winslow Homer studies (Mending the Nets); I know I saw someone else somewhere doing the same study -- was it a challenge from Wet Canvas, and where in the world can it be found? That sounds like a great learning experience!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Linda, thanks for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed my work.

The Winslow Homer painting was on a Weekly Drawing Thread in the Drawing & Sketching Forum of Wet Canvas. It is finished now, but here is the link for it if you want to browse.

Linda said...

Thanks, Jeanette! I'm going to go there now and take a look!