Thursday, April 27, 2006

The passage of time

Years ago I drew religiously, daily, fitting it in at every point, going to life classes, being a life model. Then life happened and everything seemed to be in the way of creating. Days stretched into months, then years and more excuses came. No space, no time, kids, work, fatigue, etc. - all the usual. Well about 15 years passed before I picked up a pencil again last summer at the urging of a friend. Now I'm getting back into it and finding my stride again, becoming familiar with mediums and supports and seeing what is new in the art world.

This time, excuses are pushed away. This is something I want for me. I had forgotten how good it felt to escape into a drawing or painting and no notice what else happened in the world during my absence.

Animals or people always were my favourite things to draw or paint but I was out of practice, so I'm building my portfolio again to get into that contradiction of art - the commissioned work. Commissions are a necessary evil. You want them because it brings you exposure and finances. You hate them long term because they lock you into a set mode of art that you cannot break out of, but long to do. Yet, right now, commissions are what I want, so I'm building my portfolio and working on ways of marketing it locally.

I'm 'borrowing' dogs for photos. Drawing friends dogs. Redrawing my own dog that died in December, or drawing images that I find suitable. When the commissions come again, it will be a good thing.

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