Saturday, April 29, 2006

Works in progress

I have a number of drawings and paintings that I shall call 'works in progress' as they sit in varying unfinished states for an equally varying number of reasons. Working on images for a long period of time, I tend to lose concentration to a certain degree. Also with limited time, my ability to devote longer periods of time to an image changes,so I find myself doing it in 20 minute sessions or less at odd times of the day or night.

Then there are the beginnings of drawings that didn't go well, but are kept 'just in case'. Its like an archival drawer of mistakes that you cringe at everytime you see them, but still you don't throw them out in the belief that you can resurrect them into glory.

In my drawer of malcontents a couple show promise and I've pulled them out today and done a little work on them. Both in Prismacolor pencils on Stonehenge paper. Sometimes all we need is a break from them to prove that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The first of three apples on a windowledge was started as a companion piece to a similar setting of tomatoes done a few months ago. The second is more recent and is persimmons on a pewter plate. The apple colour was too harsh for me and still is. I used process red which really isn't a colour I like much. It takes over and makes a drawing its own. The persimmons have promise and I need to work on evening out the tone and working on the other fruit and plate. I can see I have some work to do tomorrow.

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