Friday, May 19, 2006

Art news

My first copy of Artist's Magazine arrived this week. I have bought copies off and on over the last year but finally relented and bought a subscription. While browsing it I found a number of links to art news and sifting through their links has taken me most of the evening. These little side trips are always interesting but you do lose track of time while doing so.

My little friend 'Dover Cat' and I wandered the ether looking for new sites on art news and found quite a few. Dover Cat is the mascot of an aquatic facility in Ontario and a friend of mine runs the facility. He gave me 'Dover Cat' as part of a bet. Its turquoise, soft and fluffy and even as an adult I still admit to secret squeezes of its soft little body.

Art News Blog is a selection of visual art news, art reviews and art related stories online.

Arts Journal is a daily digest of arts, culture and ideas.

Paul Dorrell Blog
A blog by the novelist and gallery owner, and author of Living The Artist's Life - the seminal guidance book for artists. Each Friday he offers insights that are a result of years as an art gallery owner, writer, and promoter of artists. Subjects both practical and philosophical are delved into.

Working Artist's Journal is Anna L.Conti's blog.
I'm a painter. That's what I really care about. When I'm not actually making art, I like to experience it, look at it, talk about it. I'm especially interested in talking about art with artists and other people in the arts. So this is a place to record and share some of those exchanges.

Art Daily - the internet's first art newspaper.

Zeke's Gallery
Stuff Happening in the Montreal Art World and elsewhere.

Culural Commentary with Attitude: Lee Rosenbaum puts you behind the scenes, ahead of the news. Also writes for Wall Street Journal's Leisure & Arts page and the New York Times (including six Op-Ed pieces). "New must-read blog" by "one of the smartest voices out there."--Tyler Green, Modern Art Notes. "The most interesting new blogger to come along in ages."--Terry Teachout, About Last Night.

Angrypirate: an artist weblog is the work of Alanna Spence.

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