Monday, May 15, 2006

Home again

I have been away from 10 days, business and pleasure - and in my case, illness - my own. About a week ago I developed a horrible cold. One of those that leaves you weak, aching, hot flashes & cold shivers, and it continues still. Of course this was because I decided to take a few days off. I always get sick when I take time off work. Its as if I provide my body with the formula for disaster - its called relaxation. And it doesn't like it apparently.

I had dreams of sitting in prairie fields, drawing the landscape, the machinery and the wildlife. But it wsn't to be. Instead I took photos, sneezed, took drugs, sneezed more, then wanted to go home and nap. The napping part never materialized as I was being entertainer an entertainee for my daughters, so time was spent socializing and exploring the world.

So now I am at home and the cold is slowly lessening its grip but I still feel crappy. That, combined with a 3.5 hour time difference and having an unexpected meeting today when I was hoping for a day off, leaves me feeling drained.

But life goes on. Memories of the landscape cling as do experiences and people, some stressful, some amazing, all unique and nonreturnable.

I will explore the photos that I took and do some drawing or painting then post once my mind/hand coordination is back to some semblance of normality. On arrivval home, I have to deal with horse sales as the two horses are being sold and buyers interested. Lady, the quarter horse, has gone for a two week trial and that looks promising. Kit is alone now and not too perturbed so far at Lady's absence, but won't be sold until it is certain that Lady will not return. That story of equine neurotics is for another day...

For now, here is an update of the persimmons that I started a few weeks back. They are nearing completion and I anticipate another 8 hours of work perhaps to finish them. They are done on Stonehenge paper 9 x 12 with Prismacolor pencils.

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Katherine said...

Jeanette - what rotten luck. The same thing always used to happen to me when I took a break so I've got an inkling of how you're feeling. Hope you're feeling better very soon.

The persimmons are looking very promising!