Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Building takes time

I am still on a quest to rebuild my portfolio of animals - particularly dogs so that I can venture back into the commission business. It is slow going due to my lack of time that I am able to devote to it.

I have just provided my daughter with a drawing of her dog Jessie - a overly energetic labrador cross but a sweet dispositioned dog despite her energy level.

There seems to be a number of Labrador or Labrador-like dogs in my portfolio. I think the lines of them and other sleeker breeds are easier to draw. I find those little hairy beasts the most difficult with all that fur a challenge to find lines and form in. But I still try.

My goal this week will be to start another dog portrait to add to my collection (or hopefully someone elses). I have more than enough references and friends dogs to choose from...choosing and doing are two different things lately. Someone push me in the direction of my drawing board please.

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