Thursday, August 24, 2006


Did you know that blueberries may be the healthiest food on the planet? According to World's Healthiest Foods, Tufts University did a study and concluded that these little blue berries were the most nutritious of 60 fruits and vegetables, with the most anti-oxidant capability. The 'magic ingredient' is called anthocyanidin, a compound which gives the berry its beautiful blue color.

Today I wandered through the woods and fields in search of blueberries. And I found them in abundance. Amidst annoying flies and hot sun beating down, I picked til my back ached and I couldn't take anymore abuse from the elements. But I know where that good spot is and I'll be back! I also found partridge berries growing there too, not quite ripe, but getting there.

I haven't had a lot of time today for drawing, but this afternoon I've made a start on a new reference - a Newfoundland dog. This one was on a boat called The Scademia, a 90 foot tour boat which sailed out of St. John's harbour. The dog accompanied every trip and was called Bosun. On this trip Bosun had dozed off on the trip back to shore and just woke up when his picture was taken. He managed to intertwine himself in with the rope and looked a bit sheepish. The reference image hasn't scanned well, it looks better in real life.

I'm not sure what medium I will do this in yet. Graphite perhaps or coloured pencil. Its on 9 x 12 Bristol Vellum again. Yes, I do have other paper, but sometimes get stuck in a paper rut.

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