Friday, August 25, 2006

Colony of Avalon

Today I drove to Ferryland on the southern shore of the Avalon Peninsula to visit the Colony of Avalon, an archaeological dig that over the years has expanded and uncovered one of the oldest inhabited sites in North America. I love history and the feel of ancient life that has gone before me. There is something comforting about walking the same ground that people did hundreds of years before and touching the same things that they did. All summer students and archaelogists dig in the area uncovering, cataloging and mapping sections of the dig. Here is one of the workers adding to the
drawing of the site.

So many other things catch my eye besides the site. On the walk to the dig area, I noticed the sea wall that was created out of old timber and large boulders. The disused dory resting in the long grass - near the water but never to be wetted by it again. Then wandering back along the shore line...the water stretched as far as the eye could see, glittering in the late afternoon sun with soft waves crashing onto the dark sand and rocks. There I found shells of crabs and sea urchins along with a collection of pebbles, worn smooth by hundreds of years of storms and waves. It seemed that it was a waste of my money to pay to see the museum and dig, as I had spent more time outside wandering the landscape and taking photos than I had spent inside viewing artifacts.

Leaving there, we drove back towards St. John's, through Calvert, Cape Broyle and stopped for a break in Admiral's Cove which is beautiful, quiet and idyllic. Without any pressure to work on me, I could live there.

I did get some drawing in today, but not enough. I abandoned the NL dog drawing. It wasn't going as I wanted and looked more like a large teddy than a dog. It needs to be larger and bolder. I will try again in another medium.

Today's drawing is of Rochdale Canal. Another quiet peaceful place. It is done in my Moleskine 8 x 5 in pen and ink and watercolour.

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Beverly said...

I certainly have learned lots of history of Newfoundland since I've been reading your blogg. Very interesting!

Jeanette Jobson said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the information Beverly!

Anonymous said...

Excellent pen and ink watercolour sketches! I learn so much from your blogg!