Saturday, August 26, 2006


Living in a place called affectionately 'The Rock' its only natural to have an interest in rocks. I photograph them, draw them, hold them in my and and observe their formations from afar and up close.

So this drawing/painting of a huge rock jutting out of the sea off Scotland was a natural that attracted me. It is called Cathedral Cave or Conservation Cave just off Tanera Beag, Scotland. It was done in my Moleskine in pen and ink with watercolour wash.

When young, my daughter had an intense interest in stones too and I remember quietly redepositing piles of stones and pebbles into the garden when they threatened to overtake the house. This image of beach stones taken at Ferryland yesterday reminded me of her and yes, I did fill my own pockets with stones and other finds too. I can't resist a stony beach.

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Mallika said...

I find rocks fascinating. There's something about looking at them, and most especially touching them, that seems to resonate with me. I like to just run my fingertips gently over their surfaces and feel how different the texture of each rock is.

Katherine said...

Jeanette - I've got a post coming up about the Andy Goldsworthy Retrospective at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Have you ever seen his work - if not google his name and look at the Images page - I think you'll like it