Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Embden geese

The Embden geese showed rapt attention (well,for the most part) as their pool was refilled. They are large geese, weighing up to 30 pounds but tend to be fairly laid back - for geese. They hiss at me but rarely do a mock charge unlike the Chinese Browns who seem to think aggression is the order of the day, every day.

The other goose has taken a broody spell and is sitting on an egg under a tree near the greenhouse for the last week or more. Goose eggs take about 30 days to hatch so she has a while to go yet. Her mate has given up mooning around and has squeezed himself into the pen with 17 other geese, destined for Christmas tables to find company and a new friend. Just as well he's more identifiable with his larger knob on his head or he may head there too.

This is a sketch done for the scavenger hunt - the word was sleeve but my hand came along with it.

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