Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I was up early this morning and wandered into a drawing thread at WetCanvas and an eye was the reference to draw. I love drawing eyes. Eyes of anything and anyone fascinate me. I love being able to shape the sphere of the eye and capture the moisture and sheen and texture. It doesn't always turn out as I want, but I always enjoy the process.

I've finalized a place to hold the drawing classes, now I just need people to sign up. I'll be busy posting and emailing flyers over the next few days then wait and see what happens. So for people living in Flatrock, Torbay, Pouch Cove or St. John's or surrounding areas, here is an opportunity to learn the basics in drawing. It will be held in the Town Hall in Flatrock starting on September 14th and run for 8 weeks. Email me for details.

Here's my large buddy, Kit. She's such a big dog, even if she is a horse. Unfortunately she still is up for sale. She's young just 4 years old, and needs training. She's wonderful on the lead and knows her basic commands. The guy I bought her from said she was ridden, but she's pretty frisky and I haven't chanced it with her. I'm just too old to bounce well anymore. So in the meantime, she's my big cuddly dog.

She enjoys a good scratch against the fence. Unfortunately, she has a habit of leaning against the fence too much and knocking over sections. Then she stands there looking surprised and all innocent.

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seastartrue said...

Absolutely beautiful. I'm speechless.


Mallika said...

That is an incredible eye.

Jeanette Jobson said...

thank you. I just love drawing eyes.