Monday, August 14, 2006

Negative drawing

"Negative drawing is a conscious method of working that isolates and protects areas of your paper. These areas can be entire elements that are often completed later, smaller areas wher eht intention is to leave them as virgin highlights or white shapes against a darker background; or minute ares that, for example, form whit ehairs between their cast shadows. Negative Drawing does not involve any form of erasing."
Mike Sibley

I've started a test drawing for a class with Mike Sibley, who's a wonderful artist and so adept at this method of realistic drawing. I never cease to learn and explore techniques in drawing and each time I fall in love with the medium of graphite all over again. 'Simple pencil' people say with a little disdain and never seem to give this medium the respect that it deserves.

Simple pencil is the basis for all art. It puts an idea on a notepad, a napkin in a restaurant or provices the outline for a detailed drawing. In its own right as a medium, graphite in its many forms can be as detailed or as loose as you with to make it. It just depends on the technique that you use.

I prefer realism and tend to be a traditionalist so the medium and the 'fiddlyness' of the art of realism appeals greatly as does the finished product. With Mike's blessing that I'm headed in the right direction, I will tackle this project on a laarger scale and now that I know the process, I can ensure that I take my time and follow the plan.

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Mary said...

Jeanette, you found your comfort zone in this class right away. It is looking very good.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thank you Mary. I do love the detailed work and can get lost in the process. Its a wonderful feeling.