Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This image was taken deep in the woods along a rough trail behind my house. It is an abandoned truck frame left in the depth of the trees years ago and now nature is reclaiming it as her own. The blue paint was startling against the greens and browns of the trees. It must have been there for some time and you have to climb over stumps and wrestle with trees to get close to it. I never understand why people dump vehicles in the woods, they are an eyesore most of the time, but nature softens the blow a little with vines and leaves and branches and makes nests for small animals. Perhaps it evens out the harm to some degree.

I am waiting with bated breath for some final proofs from the printer on a variety of archival art papers that he has so that I can give the go ahead to print a limited edition series of the negative space drawing that I completed for Mike Sibley's class.

It pushed me outside my comfort zone but that push worked and helped me overcome my fear/dislike of complex backgrounds. By breaking them down into manageable pieces, they become almost soothing to complete.

The prints are my first venture into this side of art and I will consider carefully where to market them. They are a change from my usual animal and people drawings and I plan another few similar drawings before winter takes the depth out of the grasses and weeds. Then again, the starkness of crisp grasses and snow could be interesting also.

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Mary said...

You eye for photography subjects is remarkable plus your talent to take the picture, Jeanette. Incredible that an abandoned truck would make such a beautiful photograph. Good to know you are getting prints made of those wonderful drawings. Once you have them let me know!

Jeanette Jobson said...

This truck was such a surprise to find in the depth of the woods that it made its own beauty in a strange sort of way. I should have the prints next week I hope!