Monday, September 18, 2006


It is their goal. The top of a manure pile outside the back of the barn. The geese make a beeline for it most days and whoever gets to the top wins it seems. Its a good vantage point and the 'maturing' pile gives off warmth and provides a great place to hunt bugs for the lowly chickens who are relegated to the bottom of the pile.

It has been a whirlwind weekend and I haven't stopped for a moment to catch my breath. I have rushed from supply stores to pet stores to promotion events and feel as if I'm making a dent in my goal. What is my goal? I want to get back into the business of making portraits - both people and animals. After a 'break' in art for a long time, I was triggered by a number of things to get back into again.

I have forgotten however how hectic the pace can be in moving towards it and in achieving the goal - and I am not at the age when it came more easily and recovery from effort easier too. But its slowly coming together.

Yesterday I did a four hour stint at Pooches in the Park. It was a beautiful early autumn day. I set up a table in Bowring Park and displayed portraits in pencil, pen and ink sketches, watercolour and coloured pencil as well as a portfolio of previous work, brochures and plenty of conversation. People seemed genuinely interested and I believe that some commissions will be done because of it and due to the fact that I will give a percentage of my fee to Beagle Paws, the charity sponsoring the event.

Between conversations with people and dogs, I drew - what else but a beagle? I find it a little difficult drawing with many people stopping to comment and having to fight wasps who wander in to see as well, but I did get some preliminary layers down and will continue with it when I can. I must create a couple of horse portraits and some watercolour portraits as well to use as show pieces as I'm lacking in those right now. I'll reach my goal. It just takes time.

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