Thursday, September 28, 2006


Tonight I completed week three of the basic drawing class that I am offering. One of the participants decided to drop out, stating lack of time to practice. I know not everyone has time, but if it something that is truly wanted, you make time to fit it into your life. It becomes as natural as breathing and with art, in my case, the medium becomes an extension of my hand. I think about drawing, I see scenes in day to day life and they become drawings or paintings in my head. I see the sky in the morning and want to stop in the middle of the road to capture it. Light, water, earth, trees, animals people, they all form images in my mind that don't go away and demand that I do something with them.

There is a determination in me that is like a fire now. I find ways around obstacles to acheive what I want and am often surprised when something good falls in my lap, as I never quite expect it, even when I've worked hard towards that goal.

Today I picked up the final images for a limited edition series of 30 prints called 'Weeds'. This is a negative space drawing done in graphite, 9" x 12", printed on archival matt paper and enclosed in an archival cellophane sleeve. The prints are for sale for $30.00 Canadian and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Shipping and handling are not included in costs and will vary according to location. Please contact me for purchasing details. I can accept money orders, personal cheques or credit cards through PayPal. I will also be making some prints available on Ebay.

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am-art said...

Jeanette - I must have missed something. Are you teaching a class? I am so impressed! What are you teaching? The previous sketch of the dog is wonderful - so endearing. How did you get him/her to sit still long enough?

Jeanette Jobson said...

Hi Anita, yes I am teaching a class privately in basic drawing. Eight weeks long and I'm on week 3 right now. Its going well and it is great fun. Its wonderful to see how people absorb techniques and suddenly there's the 'aha' moment.

The dog was part life, part imagination. It was a red setter racing around in a dog park and its owner was trying to teach it basic obedience so I got the outlines down then filled in the rest later.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered working in pastel? I think you would do amazing work with them!

Venus said...

Hi Jeanette,
I read your BIO on Determination and I feel the same ways alot of times about scenery and wanting to stop and absorb it all in. I think you are wonderful and I am glad that you areon Drawspace and came up with the Drawing Challenges. I think if you continue to teach you have alot to offer people.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Venus, what a kind thing to say. Thanks you so much. I enjoy sharing art with others, I don't think I could stop if I tried.