Monday, September 25, 2006

Drawing update

I have completed the master drawing of the horse, Lady, and transferred it to Stonehenge paper, then made a very small start on it with coloured pencils. My drafting table looks like a bombsite with drawings and references scattered all over it.

I came across a wonderful find the other day that's great for keeping my coloured pencils from rolling all over the place. Northwest Airline food trays. They were $1.50 each so I bought 3 of them, now I wish I'd bought more as they're proving very useful both as tool holders and potential palettes. Unfortunately they are grey, but even so, they'd do in a pinch. My other current 'palette' is disposable paper plates.

On impulse yesterday, I bought a set of oil paints - 24 tubes. I haven't used oil paints for many, many years, but suddenly had the urge to use that delicious colour and texture to create something. I have a set of small streched canvases that will be perfect for experimenting with. Now I just need time to do it. My weeks are so full lately that its a bit overwhelming sometimes, but I keep on trying to squeeze more in.

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