Wednesday, December 27, 2006


The drawing in this post was part of a Secret Santa thread in an art forum that I participate in. The concept of dreaming big is always appealing and having a cheetah for a pet isn't that farflung - at least not for the recipient of this drawing who was pleased with his virtual gift.

I had unsubscribed to Alyson Stanfield's art marketing newsletter a few months back, being on overload with too much mail and work and reading. Then the other day I read about Alyson's latest newsletter on Celebrate in Katherine Tyrrell's blog. It made me think about the past year and what I have accomplished. I am taking some time to go down through the list of questions and examine what I have done in 2006.

Alyson is right, it is amazing just what you find that you've accomplished.

It’s the time to take a good hard look at the steps you’ve taken toward reaching your goals. And I’ll bet you’ve made more progress than you know.

That’s why it’s important to do this exercise. If you don’t write down your achievements, you’ll just keep thinking about what’s left to do.

With that in mind, what did you do this year? Take into consideration:

* How many works did you create?
too many to count in the form of sketches - 3 sketchbooks at least and at least a dozen large works
* What trips (local or far away) did you make to nourish your art?
Mary Pratt's Simple Bliss exhibition, The Rooms
* How much money did you make from your art?
under $1,000
* What classes (business or creative) did you take?
coloured pencil, realistic drawing, composition, charcoal
* What did you invest in that will help you to run a more profitable or streamlined business?
Furniture to assist with drawing classes in house, a new printer,drafting table, replaced an old easel
* Whom did you hire so that you can spend more time on your creative career? (framer, virtual assistant, housekeeper, lawn mower, bookkeeper)
* Whom did you meet that has turned out to be a mentor?
Brenda Hoddinott
* What books did you read? What magazines?
Art & Fear, The Creative License; Artist's Magazine
* What movies did you see that inspired you?
I'm not a movie watcher
* How many names did you add to your mailing list? (Note the exact number so you can evaluate your progress this time next year.)
Fifteen people
* What habits or routines did you put into place?
daily drawing for at least an hour
* What habits or routines did you eliminate?
procrastination in drawing
* Where did your name or artwork appear in print? Where did it appear online?
Online in WetCanvas, Drawspace and my blog
* How did you improve your website or Web presence?
Creation of a blog in January and nearly daily posting of drawings and works in progress, signature line on emails, forum postings including blog and contact information
* What new marketing materials did you add or improve on?
Creation of a brochure and flyer for portraiture, information sheets for drawing classes
* Where did you speak about your work?
Beagle Paws, Pooches in the Park, pet stores
* What new materials or techniques did you experiment with?
Oil pastels, oil paints, drafting film
* What organizations did you join?
Application for Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador
* What projects did you initiate?
Offered drawing class for beginners, developed limited edition prints

On a more personal level:

* How did you care for your health and well-being?
Ate well, tried to get on the treadmill more regularly :o)
* How did you strengthen your personal relationships?
By concentrating on devoting time and patience to them.
* What vacations did you have?
A week with my daughters in Saskatchewan
* What parties did you attend?
Very few. None that were art-related
* What new hobby did you take up?
Jewelery making
* Where did you volunteer?
As a moderator for Drawspace

Recalling your accomplishments is a good habit to adopt. After you do, how will you celebrate?

(From "Celebrate" Alyson Stanfield's Art Marketing Action newsletter 18th December 2006)


Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Thanks, Jeannette! And congratulations on all of your progress. Best to you in 2007.

Anonymous said...

Jeanette, I have missed out on some great posts of your's here so I will read them carefully. The pictures of your cat are just incredible. The cheetah, a gorgeous drawing and the information in the post is something to read and study. I will look into her blog also. Great information!

BeagleBuddyNF said...

Hi Jeanette,

Thanks for your continued support and partnership with beaglepaws..and thanks for mentioning them. I'm a volunteer coordinator with the group.I have seen your work at Pooches in the Park. It's very nice! I hope you are doing well :)