Saturday, December 30, 2006


On January 2nd, it will be my weblog's anniversary. It was a tentative step into the world of commitment and a bit of an experiment. It wasn't really until late February that I came into my stride and seriously started writing and sharing information and art.

I started the blog with completely selfish purposes. I wanted it to make me accountable. I wanted to increase my output in art, to increase my visibility as an artist to the world, become more knowledgeable about art and meet others who may be on similar journeys. I achieved most of these things in the last 12 months.

I have reflected on the past year and looked at some highlights in my blog. Some are happy, some silly, some groundbreaking. I also have thought about what I have learned in the past year of being involved in a blogging community and how it has changed me.

I have learned that I can make a change in my life, even at my age. I can move into new areas, even if its outside my comfort zone and grow from the experience.

I know that people who I seek out or who seek me out are on similar searches to learn and grow artistically and that we all learn from each other and support each other in varied ways.

I know that I have the ability to produce art on a regular basis as well as function in my life and work and make them all fit. I know that I can pluck words out of the air and make them - most of the time - seem coherent.

I forged new ground, met new people and improved my skills in art and writing. I made progress without really trying to do so. And that's what amazes me most of all. With some effort, the next year can be more productive and that is my aim, both personally and professionally.

This moose is one of a series of wild animals in Newfoundland and Labrador that I'm experimenting with. The drawing isn't complete yet. Its done in coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper 9 x 12.

I have an option of providing some drawings and prints to local downtown stores for the summer tourist season. Not being a local scene person, I've opted for local animals instead and will see how they are received. Black bears, caribou, wolves, mink, squirrels and lynx are some of the animals that I will be trying to render, along with a few of the dogs commonly associated with the province.


elise said...

I thought for New Years I would introduce myself. I have been visiting your blog for a little while now but never comment. I introduced my 10 year old daughter to your blog because she is an aspiring artist. My husband and I are both engineers (although I haven't worked for 14 years). So, understanding an artists personality is work for me. My daughter is a truly artistic personality and I love it. She's opened my mind so much. You may chuckle at the thought that I can see this in a 10 year old, but if you only knew Sarah...
Well, just thought I would let you know that I was visiting and enjoying your blog. So, when you see a visitor from Pennsylvania its probably me.

Fireman's Kid said...

Elise, you are not the only visitor from Pennsylvania. Funny thing, I am also an engineer but no longer working and now consider myself an artist instead. :)
Jeanette, I think you will be VERY successful selling prints of local animals. You really do wonderful animal drawings! And I think tourists will be thrilled to take home a small piece of your world. :)

Jeanette Jobson said...

Welcome Elise and Sarah. I'm more than happy to share my work and knowledge with someone who wants to explore the arts.

Stacy, thank you. I think we all have a niche or at least an area we are comfortable with and animals or people is the one for me. Having said that, I'm currently drawing a watery scene that is totally out of character for me and it does stretch my limits. That's a good thing too.

I think I may have to set up a little corner for Pennsylvanians...:o)

Billie Crain said...

Jeanette, i think you will do very well with your animals. you have a gift with them, both in life and on paper.

Jen said...

Hi Jeanette,

I've only just found your blog and read today's post. I was really interested in your comment about being on the same journey and finding other people who are travelling a similar path. I think that is how I found your blog. Your drawings are inspirational - please post the moose again when it is completed. Your native fauna is so different from ours here in Australia. I will return and visit again.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks for your comments Jen. Yes, I can imagine the vegetation here is very different than Australia. I will, of course, post the moose again when it is complete.

Loretta said...

Congratulations on your blogaversary!I have enjoyed frequenting your website this year and always find inspiration for drawing and observing the world outside my window.

Good luck on finding new sources to sell your prints. I think you would be highly successful at natural history museums' gift shops.

I am working on a series of paintings that I hope to sell as prints. I have no idea how to get a print made, so 2007 will be a learning adventure all around!

Katherine said...

Jeanette - I'd just like to say that besides your lovely drawings and great photos the thing I have most enjoyed about your blog is the way your write - and the subjects that you write about

Lots of people have blogs but really good writing is still fairly scarce. Anybody wanting a role model for writing blogs can certainly look to you to provide a good example.