Tuesday, December 26, 2006


In addition to a number of gifts received for Christmas, this is one that should keep me going for awhile. Its a wooden box, filled with paints, graphite, coloured and watercolour pencils, soft and oil pastels, paper, canvas boards, brushes, a table easel,drawing board and a colour wheel. They are mostly student grade pigment, but are good to mix with my regular brand name mediums and give me lots to practice with.

I also received an Italian floor easel that is lovely and is in my studio now set up and ready to go. My original easel, which was around 25 years old, keep falling apart - rather frustrating when I had something on the easel! The new easel folds flat into a box shape, making it easy to transport if I want to paint plein air.

So now I have to stop touching the new things and looking at them and start using them. I have a few ideas for new pieces that I need to work with and set up some compositions. In 2007 I intend on concentrating on marketing and selling more work in addition to teaching both in reality and through the online course that I have agreed to mentor. There is a lot to do and a lot to prepare for. In a later post I will share some of the successes for 2006 and the plans for 2007.

Right now I'm off to my studio to play (and avoid eating another chocolate!)


Fireman's Kid said...

Jeanette, isn't it fun to receive new art "toys"? I got a few of my own. :) I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas!
Your last post (with your studio helper) is great! I have been wanting company in the studio, but was thinking more of a furry companion to lay at my feet. :D

Jeanette Jobson said...

Hi Stacy, great to hear from you. Merry Christmas.

Isn't the cat so funny? He's definitely not a 'lie at your feet' kinda guy... :o)

Anonymous said...

There is something about new art supplies and equipment that is so fascinating. It is like a new leaf in a book - anything is possible. I love your Italian easel! Have a great year of painting.