Sunday, December 03, 2006

Too much

I drew this whale about 8 or 9 years ago and rediscovered it among some papers while looking for Christmas wrapping paper. I always seem to unearth long lost things when searching for totally unrelated items.

It was originally a design for a promotional item that didn't make the grade at the time. It was too complex. This wasn't the first and likely won't be the last time that my work is rejected for being too much of something. A number of people when they commission an artist or invite submissions for a specific use don't do their homework very well and research the style and ability of the artist. Then when they receive a cartoon instead of a detailed drawing or a detailed drawing instead of a cartoon, they are disappointed, and the artist is frustrated at having wasted time and effort in vain.

Its a bit amusing in some ways to have your work rejected as being 'too good' I guess. I submitted illustrations for a book that met a similar response. They were 'like finished portraits' Well, yeah. That's what I do. Even at the line drawing level. I can't change my style anymore than I can change who I am.

So for anyone reading this and looking for a realistic, detail oriented artist, here I am!

Whales are one of my most favourite creatures and I have had the opportunity of living near the ocean where I could watch them from my kitchen window or deck, blowing and breaching. I've also gone out in boats to whale watch and to see them close up - very close up - is such an amazing experience. To gaze into the eye of a creature that huge is awe inspiring. Here is a video clip of humpback whales cavorting in the ocean.

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MrsSnowy said...

It's a beautiful drawing. I think you should frame it, if you haven't already. It will be treasured in the years to come.

Anonymous said...

Heavenly video! I am a whale fanatic! Great when treasures turn up from nowhere!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and peaceful~

monica gillis said...

Oooh! I looove your whale. I'm a whale watcing guide during the summer months here in NS... and humpbacks are my favorites to watch. They are so graceful and acrobatic.
You might like this photo of a humpback calf I took two summers ago:

BTW, I really enjoy your blog and your artwork, Jeannette. :) I found your site through

Cheers, Monica

Anonymous said...

Here whaley, whaley, whaley!

- Sorcha

Jeanette Jobson said...

Yes Sorcha, but they used to come when I called them didn't they? :o)

My daughter, no doubt in embarassment, recalling how I used to call for the whales at the edge of the ocean...