Saturday, December 02, 2006

Winter ice

Winter gave a taste today with a little snow followed by hours of freezing rain. It hate freezing rain. It coats everything with layers of ice that makes getting into the car an adventure and makes driving a roller coaster ride. It turns agile adults into people who creep their way across sidewalks and steps. It encapsulates every branch,twig and needle of trees with ice and bends trees to the ground with the combined weight. I can bring down power lines and cause havoc to road, rail and air travel.

It has a pretty side, especially if the sun comes out after an ice storm. Then it glitters and glints, the silence occasionally broken by some of the ice loosening its hold and crashing like breaking glass to the ground.

The weather makes me turn to domestic affairs and plans for the coming season. I cook and clean and bake inappropriate goodies that do me no good. Its a nesting thing that winter weather brings out in me. I want to cook stews and chili, bake bread and cookies, dust off Christmas lights and sort decorations. Just as well this weather isn't a daily occurance or I'd never get any drawing done!

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Anonymous said...

Where I live it has snowed only 3 dtimes in my lifetime of 57 yrs. Only the last time, several years ago, did it stick for longer than a few hours. Here everything practically closes as we don't know how to drive or operate in snow.

I lived in Oregon for 4 years and the black ice there scared me to death. Even the natives have trouble in it. I don't envy you the driving.

I just finished looking thru your Drawspace gallery. Your girls are both going to look just like mama. Very nice pictures of them. Of course as a dog lover (and Golden Retrievers in particular), I love the ATC.

Enjoy your nesting time. Send the bread and cookies this way. I already have way too much weight on me but the taste would be worth it. Jeanne

Jeanette Jobson said...

Yes, I recall that panic feeling when snow comes in a place not used to it. I lived in the UK and occasionally there snow fell and shut down the country.

If I were closer, you'd be having a package of goodies sent over. I too don't need them, but you only live once, may as well enjoy some pleasures. :o)

Billie Crain said...

Jeanette, i found you! nice blog! winter has arrived here, too. i tend to want to hibernate and i know what you mean about the cooking. suddenly i can't live w/o a pot of soup going on the stove. lol the goodies are nice, too. i call it putting on my winter 'coat' aka fat. i guess my biggest complaint is the shoveling. i hate doing that. we don't get much ice here so thank God for that!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Billie! Great to see you here. I hear you on shovelling...