Thursday, November 30, 2006


I found a heap of bears under a Christmas tree at the supermarket of all places. They were festively dressed in red sweaters wtih a tag around their necks saying that $2 from the sale of each bear would go to children's charities.

I love teddy bears and he is cute and does make good drawing material and I can pass him on soon....yes I know. I can't resist small furry animals even if they aren't real.

So another awful scan. I'll set up the camera for the next image and it will be at least clearer I hope.


Anonymous said...

I want a bear too! I want a bear under a Christmas tree! I want a Christmas tree!
Deep Sigh!
Lovely bear Jeanette - can I share yours?

Jeanette Jobson said...

He's yours Anita. I give you the whole bear. And a little tree as well all shiny and lit up.

We'll give you a virtual North American Christmas. :o)

However, there are some elements of life in the sand box that do have a lot of appeal this time of year. We're never satisfied, are we? lol