Friday, March 23, 2007

Light and shade

While we sat on the patio of a restaurant in Laguna Beach, Robin spotted the interesting architectural shape and light play in this building which was behind me. I asked her to take a photo of it as she was facing that way.

The simple lines and contrasts of light scream oil paint to me. My sister sent me a box of oil paints a few weeks ago as the book store in the university was having a sale, selling them at half price. Perhaps this weekend I'll have a chance to reacquaint myself with oils. Its been some time since I tried them, so I'm looking forward to them again. There is something so nice about the feel, look, texture and smell of oil paints.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day that was Jeanette. I see you are most likely trying to warm up a bit. It is just around the corner I promise.
I would love to see what you paint with oil. I am attempting to understand the difference between a sketchy painterly style and one that is more refined. Some days I get the two confused.

Jeanette said...

Yes it was a fabulous day. I need to just plunge in and do this with oils, but I find myself holding back for some reason. Shove me would you? :o)