Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Red dot

After Tripod joined the household, I rediscovered an old laser pointer kicking around a kitchen drawer. The red dot that it creates provides hours of amusement for him as he chases it as if it were a bug or mouse all over the living room, up furniture, under the coffee table, finally flopping onto it, convinced he's trapped it. Only to find it has gotten away... The game is now known as 'red dot' and you only have to say the words or pick up the pointer and he's ready for a game.

The laser beam lights up one of his little plastic balls amazingly well, giving it an unearthly light. The cat is looking suspiciously at it. When he arrived, his left eye was partially shut. It seems fine now and I wonder if it was something to do with the injury of his leg on the same side.


Writer's Widower said...

maybe you perfected "corrective laser eye surgery" for felines...?

I had the same fun with those lasers and the cats we used to have... unfortunately, it wasn't such a good game once the laser stopped on someones toes or the other cat.

ahhh the hours of fun!

"JeanneG" said...

Sounds like fun. We used to do the same thing with a flashlight beam before lasers. I never noticed the left eye closed until this picture. Don't remember it on the pictures you had of him up close watching you draw.

Jeanette said...

lol, enough games of 'red dot' may have done just that writer's! Perhaps I can start a new business with it!

Yes a flashlight would have the same effect wouldn't it Jeanne. His eye seems fine now, but when he first arrived, it was a bit lazy, more so in this photo.