Monday, March 19, 2007


Spring is trying to raise its head here for the last week or so. Its made quite a bit of progress with about half of the snow melting. I can actually see that I have a garden again, not just a broad expanse of white broken occasionally by trees.

Warmer weather means that the ducks and geese like to come out of the barn and wander in the yard. Sunday was warm enough for them to have their first proper bath of the spring. BD (short for Big Duck) and Buddy, the two Muscovy ducks were first in and came out quite sparkling clean. This is unusual for BD as he hates water. Yes, he's a duck and yes he hates water. But he was the first one in this time. After his bath, he spread his wings slightly and gently raised them up and down drying himself.

I offered him a treat of some bread and as I went to the kitchen to get it and came back out, he was clambering up the steps of the porch, waiting for me. For a big duck, climbing stairs is neither safe nor elegant but he managed. I think he stayed there for most of the afternoon because these large ducks manage to climb the stairs, but then get to the top and wonder how they're going to get down again. With a little 'encouragement' he half flew, half fell back down the steps and was reunited with his friend Buddy. I adore these two ducks, they are such characters and despite hissing and tail wagging which some see as aggression, they are as meek as lambs.

Spring is also uncovering things in the garden, some which are good, some not. These rocks emerged out of the snow with matted grass surrounded them. Flaked pieces of the slate were breaking off and the image proved to be a lot more detailed to draw than the sketch that I anticipated doing.

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