Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The Creative Process in Portrait Drawing
"This class will focus on experimenting with concept, not just drawing a portrait to capture a likeness but to render an “idea”. Realism of course can be used as magically as ever but we can go beyond the boundaries that we set up for ourselves. This can be as straightforward as a certain expression on the face that’s heightened or exaggerated by the artist or it can be taken as far as expressionism or surrealism, even the dreaded “A” word can be explored (abstraction). I do want to keep it in the realm of portraiture so we have a foundation to work from but after that the depth of your imagination is your only boundary. Can an abstraction be portraiture, maybe not in the sense we are used to but there is plenty of abstraction that’s inspired by the human form and I don’t want to exclude an “ism” " Armin Mersmann
I've read over the details of Armin Mersmann's class in WetCanvas - and it is thought provoking. Its about creativity in portraiture and gives 3 options of participating. A narrative portrait, an homage portrait or a symbolic portrait.

I like the thought of a symbolic portrait even though I know it will push me into places I may not have visited for awhile. Both emotionally and technically.

It will also be large. There is a minimum size of 14 x 18, but I will go larger and likely use a full size sheet to produce my work with. I have some Somerset Velvet that may do what I want, or perhaps that full sheet of Bristol illustration board. I anticipate this to be a major work that will take several months to complete. Right now I'm toying with thumbnail sketches and ideas of how I will represent myself. How do I see myself? There are so many facets that can be explored which reflect the past and present, even looking into the future.

My sketches in my travels were minimal and fitting in when I was stuck on airplanes, drawing captives while they were unaware. I also did some line drawings of dogs while enroute also. Line drawings are my current favourite - well my all time favourite really. I love clean lines and outlines.

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Katherine said...

I'm sure whatever you do will be really thoughtful Jeanette - your work always is. I'll be wtaching with interest to see what emerges