Saturday, May 12, 2007

Strange packages

Today I picked up a unusual package from the post office. I had ordered something from the USA but it seems it was shipped from Pakistan. That's fine, but the wrapping it came in had me and the post office clerk examining it closely.

The box was shipped in a muslin cotton sleeve and stitched closed. The time and effort that it would take to prepare and ship each package amazes me, considering the speed of today's society. The postage strip was stuck to the muslin and overall, the package was quite exotic by current standards.

Is this common in Pakistan as an 'envelope' or something unusual?


"JeanneG" said...

Was it what you ordered from the US? In this day and age it's pretty scary to get an unusual package.

Jeanette said...

It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. I don't consider it scary, just a unique form of packaging. It was reminscent of something that would been seen in the 1930s in eastern countries.

AMR said...

Jeanette ~ Your drawings and writings are wonderful. I love this package(!) and, yes, it's still quite typical for Asia/the Middle East. I was a buyer for an art store in Ottawa years ago and the burlap packing for things from India was simple & perfect. Brushes/inks from China came packed like fine jewels.
I just discovered your blog when searching for St. Armand paper and David Carruthers, the owner. He is very delightful by the way - any paper he creates would definitely have a positive charge.
Now...back to reading more of your blog.
Best wishes, A
p.s. I'm with you on the marshmallow/wool thing.